Simplify Administrative and information Handling Tasks

Simplify Your Administrative and Information Handling Tasks

Save Time, Reduce Costs & Eliminate Headaches

Save Time, Reduce Costs & Eliminate Heaches

Administrative and general office tasks are essential roles in all organisations. A big part of these roles involves managing and distributing information. Ensuring the right people have the right information is crucial for an organisation to operate efficiently.

Problems arise when information is inaccurate or not concise. Sometimes pressures on time cause things to get missed. Sometimes working methods can be inefficient enabling mistakes to arise. It isn’t always viable or even the correct solution to employ more administrative staff.

We are passionate about developing custom applications and systems that simplify the management and ‘flow’ of information. We want information recorded once and used wherever and whenever it is needed. Required information is either retrieved from existing sources or collected via intuitive electronic forms that can be accessed across a range of devices.

Getting the Right Information to the Right People

Not only is information readily available, it is made available in the most suitable format for the task at hand, for example:

  • On the road travelling between customers - have your customers displayed on an interactive map that is showing your live GPS position
  • A previous caller phones back - view a concise list of all the previous conversations anyone has had with them
  • Out at a job and need to see if you have required materials in stock - view your stock tables live on your phone or tablet
  • Need to see the availability of a piece of equipment, location or person - calendars across various devices are populated with any bookings anyone has made
  • End of year tax returns - have spreadsheets quickly generated that report on all the required items that can be sent to your accountant
  • Customer wants to make a table reservation - using your reservation records, a form on your website can provide the customer with available times and tables

Data is knowledge and knowledge is power. All this information you're collecting can be used to automate common tasks, provide valuable insights and highlight trends.

All organistations work in slightly different ways, there isn’t a one size fits all solution. Have a system designed and developed around the way you operate - addressing any sticking points you currently have. Any paper based forms you currently use can be redeveloped to be electronic, ensuring collected information is accurate and concise.

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